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Getting paid to do what you love – sure sounded like a dream come true.


Yet here you are, up to your eyeballs in questions, trying to piece together a mystery puzzle you’re sure has missing pieces.

  • What do you mean I need a sales funnel? I thought SEO was all I needed to get right. And I’m still not ranking high.
  • Where the heck does Google My Business fit in? Can’t I just use Facebook?
  • There’s a difference between a website and a landing page? Huh? It’s hard enough trying to get my homepage to function properly.
  • Should I start a blog, or is email marketing a better option for me? Wait, podcasts are trending. Do I need to do that as well? How am I meant to create all this content?

Oof! You sure could use a map and compass right about now. Hell, you’d even settle for a peek at the big picture.

Confusion and doubt trip you up, and procrastination takes over. Before you know it, you’re playing a never-ending game of catch-up. Then along comes that familiar sense of guilt—”I should have done this already”. And the certainty you made a wrong turn somewhere.

Seriously, it’s like everyone else got the memo, and you’re left struggling on your own.

But What If

  • Rather than stumble in the dark, you could see a clear way forward?
  • You could skillfully pull down the walls barring growth? And remove your blind dependency on vendors?
  • Instead of feeling lost and alone, you had someone to turn to, who’s walked in your shoes and come out the other side?
  • You could end the sense of overwhelm? Feel assured in your decisions and make your business sizzle?

When it comes to running a business, there’s no one-path-fits-all. Ask a handful of people, they’ll give a confusing variety of advice. And heaven help if you turn to Google. Good luck getting a straight answer from that overpowering volume of data. Gawd!



There is a better way & you know what that is, right?

What You Need Is A North Star

An anchoring source of guidance, complete with a single repository of practical resources.
One that reliably clears away the technical discombobulation and boosts your confidence.

So you can navigate your business towards online success, one step at a time. 

Hi, I’m Holly

(aka the Web Goddess)

I’m a no-holes-barred, give-it-to-you-straight tech savant. My Dad taught me years ago that knowledge is for sharing. Because knowing how to kick your own goals is way more fulfilling than having some else do it for you.

With over 21 years in IT, I’ve seen how start-ups and entrepreneurs struggle to do it all. There’s a lot on your plate. Whether it’s building robust SEO websites, leveraging social media or creating content.

I should know. Not only have I helped others take control of their digital assets, I’ve also built my own successful small business from scratch. And let me tell you – SO. CAN. YOU.

Holly Hinton, aka the Web Goddess

As a website designer for small businesses, I am constantly appalled to see entrepreneurs led astray by misleading information and money-hungry vendors who want you to remain reliant on them.

Enough is enough.

I’m determined to help you stand on your own two feet by demystifying tech babble, telling it like it is, and empowering you to connect the dots for yourself. The triumph of your venture is in your control.

It’s not a lack of information holding you back.

But that there’s too much of it.

So much so it’s complicated even deciding where to look or who to trust. Particularly when different sources counter one another, causing you to run around in circles. Eesh. It’s like Rajesh Koothrappali trying to decide between girlfriends in ‘The Big Bang Theory’.

The problem is no business journey is ever the same. There’s no 3, 7 or 12 step program specifically suited to you because every entrepreneur’s situation is different. It’s more important to understand the fundamentals so you can tailor them to your goals.

That’s why I’ve built a treasure chest of easy-to-comprehend, plain-speaking actionable resources that take you from clueless to “A-HA” to “I can do this”, without the overload.
Introducing the

Web Goddess Academy

Your one-stop destination for accessible resources and progressive challenges that build knowledge and momentum. Consider it the springboard that propels you head-first (no belly flops here) to online success.

Join the Academy today - we'd love to welcome you!

The Academy helps overwhelmed entrepreneurs cut through the crap and focus on what’s important.

You know, the stuff that will actually make a difference. So instead of floundering between what to do and how to do it, you can take sure-footed action.

With access to expert guidance and a library of value-adding materials, making your business shine is 100% doable.

Ready to leap into the driver’s seat?

The Academy helps overwhelmed entrepreneurs cut through the crap and focus on what’s important.

You know, the stuff that will actually make a difference. So instead of floundering between what to do and how to do it, you can take sure-footed action.

With access to expert guidance and a library of value-adding materials, making your business shine is 100% doable.

Ready to leap into the driver’s seat?

Join the Academy today - we'd love to welcome you!

One of my favourite things about the Academy is that the fellow members are really interesting and genuinely lovely people! Everyone is very encouraging and celebrates every success, which I find heartwarming because the rest of my household show absolutely no interest!!!

I wholeheartedly recommend Holly and the Academy.  Technology and technobabble send me into complete overwhelm and Holly very calmly guided me through the steps to enable me to launch an automated version of my Green Smoothie Reset. It was wonderful to be able to keep some money coming in while we were all in lockdown. Thanks again Hol, you’re a star.

Liv Darcy, Holistic Health Coach

Everything You Need, In One Convenient Solution

Unlimited Access to the Academy Knowledge Vault

Information overload is real. There’s nothing worse than spending hours attempting to learn something only to realise you still have no clue how to make things work.

That’s where the Knowledge Vault comes in. It’s your single source of what you need to know, minus the junk. We’re not taking the scenic route with its zigzag and detours. Just straight ahead to the gold.

How-to-videos, practical courses and tutorials help you level up with awesome new skills and know-how. Handy downloadable templates and cheat sheets let you jump straight into putting what you’ve learned to work.

And the best part? There’s no unnecessary jargon or technobabble in sight; so you won’t need a translator on speed dial. Hell yes!

Oh, and never fear stale content. I keep everything up to date, so you’re on top of all the changes you should be aware of. Plus, there are new resources every month. And if you want anything specific, all you have to do is ask.

Monthly Challenges

Every month we pay special attention to a single learning area. This allows you to tackle one thing at a time without the frustration of learning everything at once.

Weekly check-ins and emails will provide a gentle nudge because we all get distracted from time to time. Stay motivated and on track towards becoming a consummate entrepreneur. How good does that sound?

Monthly Coaching

It’s easy to get lost in the day-to-day and forget about the big picture. In our coaching sessions, I help you develop a clear vision and provide insightful guidance on the best way to reach your goals.

This way, you’re no longer making it up as you go. Instead, you can surge ahead without getting distracted or waylaid. Backed by expert advice, you can avoid wandering down wrong, costly paths that are a waste of time and effort.

And perhaps most importantly, regular coaching keeps you in the right mindset to win. It’s no secret that sometimes our minds works against us. Self-doubt, imposter syndrome…sound familiar? They won’t plague you any longer.

Direct Access to the Web Goddess

(and a community of like-minded entrepreneurs)

The exclusive Academy Facebook group means you’re no longer alone on your business journey. Perfect for when you need to pick my brains, vent frustrations and celebrate wins with people who get you. It’s also a great place for inspiration.

Ready to get connected?

Every Aspect of your Digital Growth Covered

Website Fundamentals And Landing Pages

Learn how to:

  • choose the right platform for your business,
  • plan, design, build and maintain a site that represents your brand,
  • convert traffic into customers with compelling content.

When you understand the ins and outs, you’re no longer at the mercy of unscrupulous developers. Instead, you can easily keep your website current yourself. Particularly useful when you need last-minute alterations or updates.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Set up your on-site SEO and schedule monthly tasks that generate oodles of traffic. I’ll bust misleading SEO myths, so you can make Google fall in love with you and jump up the rankings.

Google Tools

Analytics, Search Console & Google My Business

Stop guessing at what’s holding back your sales. Discover how to use the powerful Google suite to understand visitor activity like a pro.

Graphics & Photos

Impressive visual content brings your brand to life. Create it without spending hours chained to your desk. Master the essential tools (e.g. Canva), tips and tricks every entrepreneur needs in their arsenal.

Email Marketing

Build a mailing list and wow recipients, transforming them from subscribers to customers.


You’ve heard it before. Content is king. It draws in audiences, increases brand awareness and builds trust. Realise the best way to leverage this potential and pair it with SEO for even better results.

Social Media

Which platforms? When to post? How to gather a solid following? Find out how to fearlessly spread your social butterfly wings.

Business Planning & Goals

(including vision and branding)

Set out with a clear direction and build up your brand as a piece de la resistance, worthy of attention.


Being a loner wasn’t cool in high school, and it’s the same in business. See how to foster relationships and collaborations that get you further.


Surge forward empowered by your self-assurance and worth. Gain fulfilling and meaningful success with the right mindset.

Well, what can I say about The Web Goddess Academy…….

Whether you are technically inept like me, or have some knowledge, there is something for everyone in the Academy. Holly has a way of explaining things that doesn’t leave you feeling befuddled and confused. The Web Goddess Academy offers a wealth of knowledge, resources and amazing value. There is so much on offer, you are sure to find exactly what you need.

The monthly challenges and themes enable you to focus on a particular area, but there is no pressure on you. The support you get both from Holly and the other members of the Academy is fantastic. I LOVE being a part of this AMAZING community xxx

Michelle Clarke, Milly Moo Designs

When You’re a Member of the Academy

  • You have unfettered access to essential resources that are easy to master and don’t overwhelm.
  • You can progress steadily towards online business success with monthly challenges. Stay focused and on track.
  • You can be part of the conversation with your peers and never feel alone on your journey.
  • You gain perspective and think big picture thanks to motivating group coaching. Arm yourself with valuable advice and guidance, and kiss goodbye to confusion or a lack of direction.
  • You become capable of connecting all the dots. Bask in your newfound ability to fit all the jigsaw pieces together. The confidence you get when the penny drops is priceless.
Being a member of the Academy is like finding your people!

Join the Academy now if


You are ready to take action

The Web Goddess Academy is designed to equip you with the knowledge and tools to expand your online presence, but YOU have to be ready and willing to do the work!


You're in it for the long haul

Strategy and consistency are a requirement for getting your business seen online. The Academy is not a ‘quick fix’ that will lead to thousands of new followers and overnight fame (although you never know!).


You want to put yourself out there

No more hiding behind your computer screen and hoping that people will find you. You’re ready to be seen and to face all of the good and not-so-good repercussions of being visible. I’m here to help with that and so is our Web Goddess Academy Community.


You're happy to go with the flow

This isn’t a step-by-step programme that runs at the same pace throughout the year – sometimes there are sprints and sometimes there are marathons. Everyone has their own rhythms and I believe that’s a really good thing!


We're a good fit

I’m honest, straight-talking and a little bit sweary (yes, my clients have said this) and I don’t take any shit. So, if you’re looking for some real no-nonsense support and advice then we’re gonna get along fine!

Perhaps it’s not for you if


You want it done for you

It’s fine if you do, but this is not the focus of the Web Goddess Academy. Here I’ll be sharing tools and resources to help you take control of your own online presence – not doing it for you!


You want it all now!

Although you can work through all of the material at super speedy pace, I can’t guarantee you’ll be a viral success overnight. This space is about creating meaningful content and planning for the long haul.


You want to stay invisible

The Web Goddess Academy is designed to help you share your UNIQUE voice and get your message out there. This is going to require you to BE SEEN! You’re going to be challenged to step outside of your comfort zone and not everyone is ready to do that.


You're a bit of a control freak

Nothing wrong with it if you are, but you’ll probably hate the laid back attitude of this particular membership. Shit happens and I’m guided just as much by the stars as I am by my schedule – so weird is in, control is out!


You don't like my vibe

I’m not everyone’s favourite beverage and I’m OK with that. So, if you don’t like how I work or my style that’s not a problem, but I ain’t gonna change so there may be a better group out there for you that DOES fit your vibe. No hard feelings!

What’s Confidence, Know-How And Empowerment Worth To You?

What's Confidence, Know-How And Empowerment Worth To You?

It’s no secret that newish business owners face a steep learning curve. Hiring professionals to take care of the tech may be fast. But they don’t come cheap. And without a decent understanding of how things work, it’s easy to be led up the (costly) garden path.

So perhaps it’s better to go the DIY route. Here again, you hit a brick wall. Courses, training, coaches and mentors can eat up your budget before you’ve even generated your first sale. Eeesh.

Fortunately, the Academy offers a middle ground. A way to get all the practical knowledge, support and guidance you need without having to rob a bank.

For only £25 a month (less than £1 a day), you can put the puzzle together and accelerate your online growth.

I bet that’s less than your monthly coffee bill. And you can claim it in your taxes.
Seems like a no-brainer to me.

Here’s what you get for £25 per month

70+ how-to videos, courses, tutorials, templates, and cheat sheets (with new content monthly) in the Knowledge Vault (£1,200 value)

Monthly focus challenges to tick-off your entire to-do list (£600 value)

Monthly group coaching sessions to use my 21+ years of experience for your benefit (£900 value)

Weekly newsletters & email check-ins to keep you on-track (£260 value)

Members-only access to the Academy Facebook Group for networking and community engagement (£300 value)

Exclusive Academy discounts on additional coaching, courses & apps (£1,200 value)

*Values based on 12-months of membership because I estimate that you’ll have gained a solid tech foundation by then.

My goal is to have you stand on your own two feet — and not be eternally reliant on me — empowerment over dependence. Of course, you’re more than welcome to hang around for longer. Learn at your own pace.

Ready to get connected?

What’s The Catch?

Okay, you’ve caught me. There is something I want—your commitment.

See, I’m passionate about helping self-starters succeed because I understand your need to do something fulfilling. Call me weird, but I get a kick out of seeing the “little guys” flourish. That’s why I happily share everything I’ve learned over 21 years in the industry at such an affordable price.

However, I also believe that those who get ahead are those who take responsibility for their progress. They take the bull by the horns and do the hard yards because they are purpose-driven.

So, here’s the deal.

I’ll be your go-to person, the one who’s transparent, honest and direct with you. No gimmicks. No taking you round the bend. In return, you’ll be 100% committed to growing your business.


What's the catch?

On the fence about joining?

I get it; you’ve been here before. Another program, a different subscription – you signed up excitedly, then stalled and eventually forgot about it. Gym memberships come to mind.

The good news is I hate lock-in contracts as much as you. That’s why I have a FREE cancel any time policy. So you can jump in, experience the Academy benefits and opt out if it’s not for you. No questions asked, no obligations. And if you change your mind later, you can sign back up. Easy done.

Yes please! I'd love to join the Web Goddess Academy

Colour Me Convinced. What Happens Now?

As soon as you sign-up and set up your monthly subscription, you:

  • Get all your log-in details and are able to join our Facebook group.
  • Have immediate access to The Academy’s resources.
  • Start receiving the weekly newsletters and check-ins.
  • Procure invitations to scheduled monthly coaching sessions.
  • Can book additional private coaching at 20% off the standard price.

All the good stuff starts when you hit this button:

Still have some questions?

Here’s all you need to know…

Can I join at any time?

Yes – the Academy is a rolling monthly membership so you can join at any point in the year. There is no ‘right’ place to start, but if you join at the beginning of the month next you’ll make the most of that month’s challenge 

What happens if I miss a topic?

The Academy runs on a rolling 12-month programme so topics will be repeated in future monthly challenges. However, the Knowledge Vault contains all of the resources you will need to tackle any of the topics throughout the year at your own pace. 

Do I have to take part in the monthly challenges?

No, you can go at your own pace and learn topics in the order you like. However, I’ve found that having a focus and a group to keep you accountable for your progress is a fantastic way of moving your business along much quicker than going it alone, even if the order isn’t quite the way you would want it. 

Do I need to be on Facebook?

No. You can access all materials through the Knowledge Vault, weekly emails will keep you on track and monthly coaching is via Zoom so access to Facebook is not a prerequisite. However, all of the conversation and weekly check-ins currently happen in the Facebook group so if you want to take part you’ll need an account.

My business is brand new, is this for me?

YES! The Academy is perfect for you! You’ll get so much conflicting advice when you start your business and the Academy aims to cut through all that BS and give you simple, no-nonsense advice that really works. 

My business isn't new, is the Academy still for me?

It really depends on where you are in your business. If you already have a website, understand your SEO and have a handle on social media then probably not. But if you are still struggling with any of these then the Academy is definitely for you. 

I'm looking for the next step, can you help?

Yes! Graduates of the Web Goddess Academy or those looking for a more bespoke experience can apply for my Accelerator course and receive 1:1 coaching as well as personalised strategy sessions. Get in touch to find out more.

Do you offer a free trial?

There is no free trial available for the Academy, but you can cancel at any time so if it’s not for you then you can leave at any time. But for the time you are a member you have access to all resources in the Knowledge Vault so your investment will definitely be worthwhile. 

Do you offer refunds?

No, but you can cancel your membership at any time and just pay for the month you have currently paid for.  

How do I cancel my membership?

You can cancel in either of two ways: 

  1. Cancel your subscription in your Paypal account. This will stop future payments and your membership will lapse at the end of the current payment period.

  2. Email at any time and we can cancel your membership for you. Your membership will lapse at the end of your current payment period. 
What if I can't make the monthly coaching session?

The monthly coaching session is held on Zoom on the last Friday of every month (where possible) at 9am and is available as a recording in the Facebook Group once complete. If you cannot attend live you are welcome to ask any questions prior to the session so that these can be answered for you. 

Do you cover all the social media platforms?

The Academy gives you an overview of social platforms including Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest as well as marketing strategies you can use for all social media. However, we don’t delve into every platform in minute detail as things move too fast but I have a growing network of awesome individuals who know their stuff on each platform if you need to dive right in. 

What format are the resources in?

The Knowledge Vault contains videos, articles, templates (in both Word & Excel) and links to online courses exclusive to members. You will need a PC, laptop or Mac to make the most out of the downloads rather than a phone or tablet. 

Connect with other like minded small business owners in the Web Goddess Academy

You want to end the overwhelm and grasp the know-how, so you can make your business shine online. And that’s what the Academy makes possible.


Practical knowledge, empowerment and support – all at the click of a button.