Canva 101 - The Basics

Gone are the days of having to hire a graphic designer to create even the most basic of digital or print assets (or web designers to create simple websites for that matter)! Now with the advent of packages such as Canva, there is so much that you can do yourself without outsourcing.

In this ‘How To’ Video, I’ll give you a tour of the free version of Canva so you can find your way around and create your first graphic masterpiece!

I’ll also ask you 3 questions that you really should know the answer to BEFORE you start – they will make your job SO MUCH EASIER if you have them figured out first. Trust me…

You’ll see how to create a really quick image using a template and save it to your own storage to share later.

I hope that you find this quick guide useful and start creating your own Canva graphics to spice up your website and social media content!