3 Free SEO Tools for your Business

Some of THE most annoying unsolicited emails I receive are from companies offering to improve my SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) for me. I get frustrated because a lot of the tactics they use are not exactly kosher and can actually do your business harm in the long run – for example some of these companies offer to add testimonials about your services even though they are not customers!

But there is another way to build your online reputation and move up the search rankings without employing Ahmed from India…

In this ‘How To’ Video, you’ll find my Top 3 FREE SEO Tools to use for your business as well as some initial ‘First Steps’ to take.

Remember – it’s your business and no-one knows it as well as you do: just let everyone else know what it is that you do and what your unique genius is in as much detail as possible and it will help your SEO immensely!

I hope that you find this guide useful and as I say at the end of the video, if you need my help please do let me know. All Academy members get a discount on 1:1 services!