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Welcome to the Web Goddess Academy!

THE space to grow your business in the online world and gain visibility. 

If you are passionate about your business and believe in what you have to offer, but are not quite sure about how to get your message out there on your website, via email, and on social media, then this is the place for you. 

Membership to the Web Goddess Academy includes ‘How To’ Guides and Videos, Step by Step instructions, branding basics, and vision and strategy to make sure you ALWAYS have your passion at the centre of what you are offering.

Whether you are just starting out and know NOTHING or have been running your business for a while but need some help being seen – the Web Goddess Academy is for you.

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What’s in the Academy?

Websites & SEO

From first steps to getting online and making choices about your domain and hosting, to content and SEO.

Photos & Graphics

Create images that reflect your brand identity and can be used across all media.



How to create blog posts that people want to read and strategies to help you plan your content.

Email Marketing

The why, what and how of email marketing and why it is essential for your business.

Selling Online

Essential steps to creating an eCommerce business that will entice customers and be easy to manage.


Social Media

Getting your message right for your audience and strategy to help you reach potential customers.

Vision & Branding

To help your online voice match your real one. I’ll help you get clear on how you want to look online.


How to hone your message to excel at networking without being pushy and overly ‘salesy’.


Techniques and tools to overcome the blocks you have to creating success in your business.



A growing source of guides, FAQs and downloadables to help you shine online!

How long is my membership for?

Every membership is set at a monthly rate with no tie-in. If you choose to cancel your membership, all access to the Web Goddess Academy and the services included in your level will cease at the end of the current payment period. To cancel your membership, you must cancel your subscription through Paypal.

Can I upgrade or downgrade my Membership?

Yes, you can change the level of your membership to meet the needs of your business at the time. So, if you need extra support to begin with and then just want access to the member area once you are established you can downgrade at any time. Just get in touch to change your access.

What happens if I cancel?

If you want to cancel, you will need to stop your subscription through Paypal so that no further payments are taken. However, your membership will continue until the end of the current period that you have paid for. After that time you will have no access to any of the materials in the Academy, but you can continue to use any of the materials you have downloaded.

Do you offer refunds?

Sorry, no refunds are given once you have paid, but as you can cancel AT ANY TIME this is the fairest deal for both of us. You will have access for the whole month that you pay for and can access all of the resources you like until you cancel your membership.

What if I want 1:1 support but don't want to upgrade?

That’s possible and I am always happy to schedule one off sessions with you to help you on specific tasks. My current hourly rate for this is £40 so if you think you will need help regularly, it may be worth becoming a ‘Tyche’ member as you get an hour per month included in your membership rate. Just sayin’…